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The Brothers Houdini

The Brothers Houdini (before Dash, before Bess, before Harry Handcuff Houdini) caught in action, and brought to light by Dean Carnegie, Magic Detective.  This appears to be a photo of Houdini when he was perhaps in his late teens.  He and his partner, probably Jacob Hyman, are shown performing miscellaneous magic and the Metamorphosis trunk trick at Kohl & Middleton's Museum in Chicago.

Looted Antiquities at the Richest Museum in the World

Today's Morning Edition on NPR offered "'Chasing Aphrodite' And Other Dirty Art World Deals", an interesting overview of the latest gossipy page-turner in museology, Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World's Richest Museum.

Mind the lack of gaps!

Happy new year!

Peter Adamson of King's College London, co-editor of the impressive Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy, is stepping through the unabridged history of philosophy in a series of intriguing podcasts now available at his new site,

On the Fonthill Vase

The Gaignières-Fonthill Vase is "the oldest well-documented Chinese porcelain object to enter Europe".  Zsombor Jékely offers an overview and, of course, explores the Hungarian connections!